Mario Kart Tour Exciting Facts That You Must Know About


Mario Kart Tour is one of the fabulous 2D multiplayer racing game introduced by Nintendo for Android and iOS devices.

Every player in the game needs to choose a character, set up the controls besides the need to play racing missions.

The unique thing is in Mario Kart Tour is that players can play with their friends besides can go on a grand world tour.

The racing tracks are added in the game based on real city roads so that every player can travel in different cities. With the help of grand stars, they can unlock more racing tracks and tours.

Hundreds of exciting challenges, tours, tasks are added that gamers need to complete for moving further in Mario Kart Tour.

Also, they need to collect an array of benefits, rewards, in game currencies, and cool bonuses by completing tasks.

Here we are going to discuss some exciting facts of Mario Kart Tour that every player needs to know.


Features, graphics, functions of the game make it super incredible as compared to other racing games.

You should know all the features of Mario Kart Tour mentioned below-

  • Bonus challenges and plenty of classic game modes
  • Multiplayer option`
  • In-app purchases element
  • Straightforward gameplay
  • Play tutorial
  • Take a world tour
  • Online rank

Connect with Facebook

Connecting the game account with Facebook offers a certain amount of currencies and features to users.

They can easily invite their friends to play the game via Facebook and can gain more rewards.

Not only for bonuses, inviting more friends to play helps to enhance enjoyment level faster. So try to perform this task as soon as possible for a better kick start.

Grand stars

This element plays a significant role in Mario Kart Tour- mobile game as from it; you can unlock more racing tracks and tours.

Also, with the help of these items, players are able to collect essential items such as drivers, karts, gliders, badges, and so on.

By completing unique missions, winning races besides performing necessary tasks allows you to earn grand stars.

Also, you can show your badges to other teams that you are a great player besides to enhance self-confidence.

Online rank

By playing the missions correctly and increasing the performance points allow players to improve their online rank.

They can show their rank on the top board where they stand besides how’s their performance is.

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Enhance self-confidence by watching the online rank and try to come at number one.

Keep practice to race better for having a better stand-in top list against other online players.

Coins and Rubies

Every game contains its currencies with which players can buy every single item. Mario Kart Tour also includes two kinds of currencies named coins and rubies.

It helps them to purchase every single item besides perform all tasks smoothly. Having a considerable amount of currencies means you can succeed in Mario Kart Tour faster like no one another can.

Try to log in daily in Mario Kart Tour besides play all other tasks to earn these currencies.


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