How to Get Free V Bucks In Fortnite

free v bucks generator

Fortnite battle royale is a free-to-play battle multiplayer game developed by the well-known company named as epic games.

Fortnite is available on almost all platforms except android but the company decided to release its Android version in mid-2018. This is a multiplayer game with the twist of constructing rudiments.

The graphics of the game is stunning and very colorful, with the amazing fighting mode. Players can play alone, co-ops, with squads up to four players. Fortnite got rapid popularity growth due to its unique gaming content.

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The unique gameplay is, the battle starts with skydiving from the flying battle bus, and once the dive is finished and the player is on solid ground, he needs to find diverse weapons on the island to kill other players, with taking main aim in its mind to stay alive till the end of the battle.

The game has main inner currency is v bucks. V bucks are very important to growing players of the fortnite battle royale. V bucks are virtual money, which is used to buy cosmetic for the player like weapon skins and other goods material.

V bucks are also used buy battle passes for playing battle and stay in the game; v bucks helps to level-up the player’s tier. So, we have given some easy ways to earn v bucks free in this below article.

Fastest Ways to Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite

V bucks are the premium currency of the game and also important to stay in the fortnite battle. V bucks are virtual currency that is used to buy skins for the weapons, gliders, tools and other flairs for the player.

Earning v bucks is too hard for the begging player in fortnite, but you want to earn v bucks easily without losing more money, therefore those people we find some real ways to get v bucks for free.

Playing fortnite every day gives v bucks free.

The extremely basic way solve the problem of how to get free bucks in fortnite, is just login daily to the game. You can earn some v bucks with daily login. You need to just do this 2-minute process in the game by just open-login-collect-close.

Remember that just log in to the saves the world mode. You can earn these specific rewards to save the world mode. Daily logins give not only v bucks; it will also give all other things like skins, flair things and so on.

Sometimes, you have not wished to play the game, then just open the game login to your account then claim the reward and close the game this is the simplest and fastest way to get v bucks free.

You just need to collect daily free gift by login in the game, because it will not add automatically to your inventory, you need to claim for daily reward or daily free gifts.

Face day after day challenges as a small external missions

Fortnite gives interesting daily mission when you are playing battle royale mode it will also quite similar to the free gifts because some those missions will complete by you and after that, you realize that you have complete this mission.

There are very cheap missions in these challenges like destroying x amount of machines, find some specific amount of locations; kill some similar fortnite characters, complete x amount of missions with only this x character.

Each task gives x amount of v bucks like; find 5 police station and earn 50 v bucks free. We can also call these small challenges as daily quests. Daily quest is available in the quests lobby; there are 5 types of different quests in the game.

Note that playing in the save the world mode at the beginning of the game is only the best chance to earn more and more v bucks free.

The daily quest missions will give the only fixed amount of v bucks, most of the challenges will give only 50 free v bucks behind each challenge, Some rare challenges will give 75 and 100 v bucks as a reward.

To earn huge quantity of v bucks, just take a part in the events, run by fortnite team.

The fortnite team will launch their new surprising events after every some month; events are the easiest way to get free v bucks and loot more in a single chance. These events are not limited only to the v bucks; they are also introducing us new characters, survivors, weapons, traps and other updates.

Playing and participating in the events will give you the extremely diverse experience of the fortnite battle royale.

Each event has their totally different theme and incredible scenarios. Events have their different and special quest list that you need to complete. Even their progression system is diverse like them.

Events are also offered 100 to 200 v bucks for each battle, also offers 500 to 600 tickets and the attractive things is that they will give legendary military weapons.

Unlock four areas in the mission of the main storyline in save the world mode.

When you at the beginning of the game. There are some missions that you have to unlock, any four areas as your main progress in the battle. Each area has its altered storm shield missions; you got free v bucks after completing these missions.

Just remember that to complete storm shield missions but to do this, you have to unlock four areas in your main mission as your progress. There are chances to win the hundred to one fifty v bucks free.

Strom shield missions are available in the main quest line missions of the game.

So these are some real ways to get v bucks for free in fortnite battle royale, there are no any on hack tool to get free v bucks off the game, that all are fraud scams for the gamers.

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