Best Tips For Winning Mobile Strike Game


Mobile strike – strategies for gold

Mobile phones are at present great source of entertainment. You can not only use them to stay in touch with your near and dear all the time but there are lots of another important task can be done.

At present, you can download so many applications according to their utility for you. There is application for every aspect of banking, gaming, mobile, study, research, medical, health, and much more. On the other hand, mobile games are always the center of attraction.

Especially children love them and spend their most of time. Mission games are unique and close to everyone’s heart. Mobile strike game is also a wonderful mission game which is designed by Mobile Zone.

Characters in Mobile strike

This game is known for its dynamic and famous advertisement campaign of Hollywood stars and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger who is playing the role of commander.

The basic theme of the game is a war zone. You have to make good strategies to defeat your enemy on the battlefield. The difficult of the Mobile strike is divided according to the separate mission.

mobile strike

Game money

Most of the time, game money is very important for all types of mobile games. The mobile strike also provides game money for crossing mission. There are some rewards points which give you different types of resources to win the war.

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Resources are very important and chances are also limited. That means there are certain tasks which you have to complete every day in order to win the game. Game money is available in the form of gem and gold. Your main objective in the game is to bring the gold back to your base camp to win. For doing this task successfully you win some game money which you can utilize in different ways to be in a better position.

Starting mission

You can choose which type of mission you wanted to play there will be a mission tap at the bottom of the screen you can simply select which type of mission you are interested in playing. Then hit the start button to face the challenge. You can also play this with your friend. Just invite them and challenge them to cross the mission. In addition to this, you can also play this in combination.

Managing time in mission

Time is a very important factor and Mobile strike game has made this even more crucial factor. All the mission of Mobile strike is time bounded. You should keep this in mind that when your time is going to be up for the given mission. For every complete mission, there are some rewards points. So you should never forget to make claim your rewards points and then you can carry on your journey with next mission.

You can also use mobile strike tricks which is safe to use online.  There is not extra downloading required and go get access to unlimited gold and VIP mission unlock. The best way to win the battleship is making perfect alliances because you can easily make good strategies to fight together and help each other.

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