Try your own makeover game ‘Covet Fashion’

covet fashion hack tool

If you have a shopping addiction this game is best for you. This is the only game which can give you the right to mix game world with your real world. Covet Fashion is the leading game from crowdstar which allows you to see the real known brands. Join millions of other known people with the same choice.

Get acknowledged for your own style and choice. Your shopping skills can get some identification with this game. You can have a fabulous chance of voting for the other participant’s looks. Get exclusive opportunity to win in-game prizes for your own looks earns more than 4 stars.

Latest Features About Game

With the arrival of the winter season this game allows you to see latest warm clothes of well-known brands such as Calvin Klein, Rachel Zoe, and Vince Camuto.

Availability of real-time clothes

You can get the same clothes which you see in the app. The links give you an opportunity to buy the same stuff from online. Give a try to those clothes on our models and then you can purchase according to your convenience. In this game only, you have the option to buy the same clothes and in this way, you can extend your hobby of shopping.

This game will help you to raise your love of shopping. Covet fashion helps you to show everyone else your love of fashion. This game will give you the reorganization for your all-time hobby.

Design beautiful costumes

This game gives you all the range of thousands of latest designer clothes. With a huge variety and latest designs, you would love to play this game as well as imagine the clothes on you as well. This game works for you in two ways.

Along with playing the game you can see the latest collections of different brands and can choose clothes for you and your family.

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Work and fun at the same time is the unique thing. What else you can demand from a game. For more beautiful designs in costumes, you need to pay high amount of gaming currency. You can buy this currency from the game store or simply use covet fashion hack tool that is available on various websites to use covet fashion cheats for free.

Style overall look

Along with known brands costumes you have the opportunity to see different cosmetic items also. With a lot more covet fashion hack and tricks for new hairstyles, you are getting a huge range of all cosmetic items.

You will get surprised to see a huge variety of options. Never the less you get each and everything for your own style. One stop shop for all fashion needs is amazing.

Once you will download this game you will find a huge change in your style sense also. If you have your own style then you can get exciting prices. If you are not having a very bold taste with this game you can improve your imagination.

Cast your VOTE for the best model

You have all the opportunity to vote for the best style. You can earn stars according to your designs by other players as well as you can vote for their styles also. Are the player’s dresses worth to get 5 stars or they have missed the chance of getting rewards? Same as others you will also earn rewards and can get prizes.

Looking For Playstation Network Card Generator That Can Be Helpful

PSN Card Codes

Playing the Playstation games are highly entertaining and filled with lots of fun. Thus, if you get an opportunity to play these games, it is quite natural that you would want to get involved with these games.

However, the worst part of these games is that these are quite expensive. It can be out of your budget to buy the latest version of the games and start playing them.

In such a context, one of the most important things that you can do is to look for a playstation network card generator. A card generator will generate codes with the help of which you can accumulate credit points for buying the games.

There are many people that make use of the playstation network card for availing the games at the cheapest rates possible.

Various Prerequisites Of The Installation Of Free PSN Code Generator

The need of the free code generator has been felt more now than ever before. The fact that many of the gamers seem to find it difficult to assimilate themselves to paying for the games on top of paying for the membership rubs them raw is the reason.

This led to many of the brightest minds in the industry to get their heads together and devise a new method for creating free PSN codes apart from the ones that are available from the various vendor sites on the internet, which still involves paying for something.

Getting For Free:

There are some cases where the generator generates the psn code for free. This means that you will get access to the codes completely for free. These free codes are available occasionally and there are different sources from where you can buy the codes.

For instance, Money site is a great option to generate the psn card codes. You can be assured about the authenticity of the site because many people give positive reviews on it. You will have to carry out few steps to generate your free codes.

Unlimited Supply Of Codes:

As you find a reliable psn code generator, you will probably have to go through few steps to get access to the codes. There are some sites that can even give you an unlimited supply of the codes.

As a result, it will be easy for you to buy the latest versions of the Playstation games and start playing conveniently. Without the playstation card, you will possibly not be able to enjoy the games to the fullest.

Evolution of Free codes

There has been much advancement in the field of gaming and it has also made the PlayStation incorporate many checks in the process of point accumulation. However, people who know how to get free PSN codes found ways around that also.

They are after all one of the brightest minds in the technical field with no one to curb their coding and creative capabilities. The most fertile ground for technical advancements in the world is created out of sight of the authorities and the result is the free PSN code generator which has changed the whole scenario.

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Be alert to pitfalls

With the many people citing most common problems of getting free PSN codes list, it has become doubly important that there are proper checks conducted before they are downloaded to be sued. The players should not get embroiled in any random and sundry claims of the tricksters and end up doing some kind of promotional work for them.

They should only choose to use the best of the sites that have been providing the free PSN card codes to the gamers without any hidden pitfalls hiding in their offers. There are only very few original sites which have reliable applications that can get results without fail and deliver on their promises.

New facts about Pixel car racer

pixel car racer hack tool

Car racing games are always being liked by a huge number of players. The trend of playing the car racing game never gets over. In the same manner, now pixel car racer game is available which you can play in your spare time and have more fun. It is full of entertainment and nothing complicated is involved in the process of downloading. You can get this for free from the internet and have more fun in it.

Every game is unique in one or other manner. Exploring the most advanced features of the game can even create more interest in the game and you will fall in love with it. We will mention some great methods of the game here that you will love.

Different modes

It divides the entire game of the pixel car racer into some modes. To have more advantages, you must be able to explore everything in these modes. By playing the game in these modes you will get the advanced growth you always wanted to have. There are modes it considers which as the primary mode because they are much easier to handle and increase the pace of playing the game. It can like drag racing and street racing. In the drag mode, I expect the player to run the race on the straight track. On the other hand, when you play the game on the street mode everything will be changing. You must try your best to run the race as per your comfort level and you will have more fun in them.

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Winning in the CTF mode

There is one special mode available in pixel car racer game. You should try this mode in your spare time and have more entertainment. In this mode someone expects the player to hold the flag for a long time. Player, you should maintain the perfect balance to make sure that nothing will take away the flag. While driving the car the speed of the car must also be maintained in the right manner because with the constant speed it is possible to hold the flag for a long period.

Get free cash

The player must know the importance the fact that getting enough cash is necessary. There are different cars available in the pixel car racer but it is important to know that not every car will be unlocked. Work hard to earn the extra cash and spend to unlock them. There are exclusive features of the car it also locks which and thus you will need to spend huge cash to unlock them up. Now you can try pixel car racer hack tool and keep checking the updates in the in-app purchases on the regular basis. By doing this, you will get a clear idea about the free cash. There are many rewards given to the player, and it is possible to earn the free extra cash.

Dragons in Everwing Game

everwing dragons

So, if you are a beginner who has just started playing Everwing game we have made a list of ten best dragons for you.

Use these dragons to improve your game and reclaim your kingdom. The peace must be made and the enemy must be slain. Best sidekick dragons in Everwing game are as follows:

Ban A:

This slithery dragon can make fifty percent more damage against the bosses. It can spawn twenty times more items from the monsters that have lost against you. It is effective in both the modes; boss raid mode and normal run mode. Join the bonus boss damage and increased loot rate to get a potential boss killer.


The fleet-footed fire dragon has the capacity to get forty times more the loot and more rush flowers. Rush flowers are the best power-ups to pick in the game. It is the biggest threat to the enemies that are bloody monsters. One more dragon Fea has the same ability. Feri evolutionary line can significantly increase the power of Rush flowers.


It looks like a wild pig. It can do damage that is fifty times more against the bosses. It deals with a bonus against bosses. Likewise, boss raids also become more comfortable as the mushroom effect. This effect can last long, like for a few more seconds.


The majestic light of this dragon can fire bullets that can do damage fifty times more against bosses. No enemy can survive the attacks done by this dragon. You become invincible and a powerful potential winner with this dragon.


This is a chubby dragon. This one too can make damage that is fifty times more. It was born or made to defeat with seventy percent damage level. If you are coins hungry in the game then you can also check out everwing hack which can get you free resources online.


It is an ancient dragon. It is gigantically strong it is the sidekick dragon That can literally any demon with it amazing power. It is a bonafide boss killer. The fluffy can especially cannot the attack of this dragon.

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The mode Umbra eminently shines in a normal run mode. It has homing bullets a skill and weapon that the demons can not survive. They are bound to be dead. This dragon has the potential to make you productive. Gems are wealth farming currencies. It should not be ignored. Pair this dragon with amazing fair guardian Lily.


It is an oriental dragon. It can increase the power forty times. No enemy can survive an attack by this dragon. If you are trying to reach maximum damage, THIS DRAGON IS ESPECIALLY ADVANTAGEOUS. One more dragon Scout has the same ability. You can make use of the magnetic power to attract items and become rich.

In addition to what has been shared in this article. Making a Facebook group with friends who play the game is especially helpful. You can earn by referring. Your friends can give you coins. Play as much as you can to learn the game.

Superior Details About Wild Mode And a Ultra Rare of WWE SuperCard

wwe supercard qr codes

If you are a user of Android or iOS and looking or the classiest and thrilling game then you should try the WWE SuperCard. It would be the best choice for you because there are lots of features those you find in the gameplay of the WWE SuperCard.

Players easily assume the gameplay of the game from its name, like you always find different cards in it.

Therefore, get ready to collect lots of cards for getting them in the ring. You can take this responsibility and start earning more and more rewards to be the best on the game.

Not only this, there are various things which we need to understand about the game such as the currency as well as the game mode.

There is a unique mode called Wild mode in the game in which you need to choose different cards those have a different gender.

Wild mode– WWE SuperCard game mode

This unique mode includes lots of amazing features, which will really make your day so you can also earn the rewards in it.

Basically, in this game mode player must form a team of different four superstars, in which they need to choose two males’ wrestlers and two females, superstars.

After that, they need to choose a card from the deck in order to unwind between the different seasons like 1, 2, 3 or even from the 4.

Once you are have done everything, then you are able to move forward to the start match and face off the other super stars of the player.

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In addition to this, WWE SuperCard wild mode has included the legit wwe supercard hack and tricks about how you choose the 4 cards in order to face off the other opponents of the deck players.

No doubt, both players can get best into their game, but this is the fact that both will earn huge points. However, if you perform better in the match, then it is possible to earn more and more rewards like wwe supercard qr codes.

Even the winner of the game will get extra rewards. Gifts include lots of benefits like they are kind of credits which are the currency of the game so you can use them all for getting better in the game.

John Cena (Ultra rare)

We have already mentioned in the article that you will find lots of champions in the game, but it is also the fact that there are some unique cards which are available in the game.

Therefore, you should simply choose John Cena in order to get more and more benefits. This is an ultra rare champion that will provide you great support in the game.

Basically, John Cena is a The MEGA HARD Beast which can knock out the opponent very quickly; this is the main reason why it is quite complicated to grab this card into the game. Its nothing but the simple and legit cheat for wwe supercard game.

Therefore, when you find this card into your cards list, then you can find yourself as pro players of the WWE SuperCard Game.

Steam Wallet Codes – All You Need To Know!

Free Steam Codes

If you are a game enthusiast, then you may also know about the steam which is one of the popular platforms that is offering a wide range of PC games. It also allows you to play your favorite games and also to download the other stuff according to your needs.

It is important to know a little about the steam before going to download the games from it. To buying anything from steam, you need to pay funds, but most of the people don’t have enough money in their wallet.

If you also want to add money in the wallet then consider the option of steam wallet code generator. With the help of this, you can easily play your favorite games without worrying about the money.

You can easily get the steam codes and redeem them to add money in the wallet. After this, you can easily enjoy your favorite games to have unlimited fun.

What’s more to know about?

If you are trying to add money in the steam wallet but don’t have a credit card, then you don’t need to worry. Most of the kids are facing issues for adding money to their wallet. In this situation, they should learn how to get free steam money.

For it, they can also check out the different methods that are effective and can help you out to raise funds. You have an option to buy the steam codes which is also an easy method. You can easily get these codes from the retail shops as well as the online websites like

All you need to do is to pay money for it, but some people don’t want to invest money then they can choose the alternatives. Well, there are many alternatives available which you need to check out once. After this, you can easily choose the one, and it can give you the instant funds in your steam wallet.

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Let’s know about the alternatives

If we are talking about the different alternatives for getting the steam codes, then there are plenty of options available. Well, most of the people prefer to use a steam wallet code generator instead of the other options.

With the help of this, you can easily acquire funds for your wallet and use it to buy the paid games from the store. They also have many other options to get the steam codes for free.

You can easily see various types of giveaway sites and other online sources that are offering the codes for free. You can take help from them to get the free codes to load your steam wallet.

Apart from this, you can also take help from the tips and tricks available on the internet to get free codes. Most of the experts are sharing their experience on the internet about getting the steam codes for free. By reading all these tips, you can also come to know how to get free steam money with ease and also in a quick manner.

Skip Yourself With Unwanted Expenses For Free Google Play Codes

Free Google Play Card Codes

With the onslaught of technology, there has been a huge change in the ways of how people look at entertainment. Playing and downloading online game, or watching movies and listening to songs and enjoying music are now all personalized. One carries ones books, games and tunes all on one’s android device.

But you would need to pay for the entertainment that you want. This payment is in the form of Google Play Cards. These cards have codes that are revealed when you purchase and scratch the shaded part. These codes are like money added to your account and then lets you download your favorite song or game.

Unlimited Entertainment Now With The Power Of Free Google Play Codes

These days with technology at each one’s finger-tips, people are glued to their android devices. And why not, there are a host of things that one can do and keep enjoying. It unlocks entertainment for one and all. You may love music or may get your adrenaline rush from playing games. Be it reading books or watching movies.

All of these are possible on your mobile or any android device. With the Google Play Store, the number of things one can do is mind-boggling. There is something for each one. However, when you download the apps you need to pay a charge. It may prove to be expensive.

Cutting costs

You need to pay to purchase the card and be able to access the codes. However now that we have free google play codes, it makes entertainment free for all. Many online websites are offering the cards and codes free. These free codes take care of your excess expenditure that one makes for the numerous different apps.

Many a times one would love to download a game or song, but due to lack of funds they are restricted. You need not encounter such a situation now anymore with google play gift card. Download and do whatever you had desired for from the Google Play Store.

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Quick and Easy

These online sites have tie-ups with different sponsors. They can make such offers periodically. Within no time at all you can access your google play gift card codes, and a whole lot of opportunities open up to you.

These codes work like other normal codes that you get when the darkened panel of the card is scratched. Saving cost and time this is a unique way to get started. One needs to follow quick and very easy instructions to get free google play redeem codes. Just providing your personal details like an email account or completing a short survey can win you redeemable codes.

No expenses now

However, to save you of the expense and ensure that you keep enjoying, free google play codes are on offer. With these codes, endless offers open up. These codes enable you download songs, e-books, movies, games and many other such apps free of cost. You need not pay through any credit cards or any pay pal.

These apps come to with no charges at all. The codes are just like any codes on a card that you would otherwise purchase and use. These google play gift card have digital codes, and you would be able to access them online.

Get the code right

One would need to get fresh and unique google play gift card codes that have not been cracked earlier. Not all sites deliver what they promise. One may end up logging on to a dubious site so a proper research online would help greatly. There are many genuine online sites that often come up with such fresh codes almost every day.

Simple and easy to follow steps are explained. You may be asked to take a survey and answer few simple questions. Once you have completed the online survey you can access free google play redeem codes. These codes will then work just like any other card codes and will be added to your account.